Sherwood Education Foundation

Who We Are

The Sherwood Education Foundation was founded in 1998 by a group of concerned parents in the aftermath of Measure 5, which reduced property taxes but consequently slashed school budgets across the state, hitting fast-growing districts like Sherwood especially hard. The mission of the Sherwood Education Foundation is to enrich the quality of education in the Sherwood School District by reinstating a small part of funding that disappeared at the state level.

Since then, the Foundation has raised more than $600,000  from the community, through our annual Calling for Kids campaign and donations from individuals and businesses. We distribute funds through grants to individual teachers and by funding programs that support the district’s 2020 Vision for educational excellence.

The Foundation also sponsors an Artist-in-Residence program that provides art education for every elementary and middle school student in the district. We also fund Loud and Clear, a public speaking program that impacts all fourth and sixth graders.

The Sherwood Education Foundation’s continued success is only made possible by your support. Please continue to give generously during our annual Calling for Kids campaign so that we can give our children the best possible education with the resources we have available.