Sherwood Education Foundation

Teacher Grants

Every year, the Sherwood Education Foundation awards grants to individual teachers in the district who need help implementing innovative ideas in their classrooms. These grants fund everything from science equipment to marching-band instruments, webcams, P.E. equipment, math manipulatives, pottery kilns, and more.

Apply for an SEF grant

If you are a Sherwood School District teacher interested in applying for an SEF grant, print out the cover letter and application below, which provides the application criteria and deadline.


Quotes from teachers

New research supports new best practices for learning; plus, kids learn in different ways. You’re always looking for more innovative ways to present information to kids. The Foundation encourages teachers to come up with new teaching ideas, because it gives us a way to proceed with them.
– Lisa Miller, Physical Education Teacher, Edy Ridge Elementary School

The Sherwood Education Foundation allows teachers to bring innovation into their classroom sometimes years earlier than would be possible through district funding. It’s a real gift to be a teacher in this community and be able to apply for grants to fund innovative teaching ideas.
– Suzanne West, Eighth Grade Humanities Teacher, Laurel Ridge Elementary School