Sherwood Education Foundation

Business Support

Help Us Raise Money for Technology in Sherwood Schools!

Be a business supporter of SEF! Right now we are trying to raise $225,000 to purchase handheld computing devices for Sherwood Schools. Devices such as Apple iPads and iPods are being used by schools all over the country to enhance teaching and learning.

The district plans to start introducing e-textbooks, which engage students with interactive features such as audio and video and give students immediate access to tools such as online dictionaries and research connected to reading. Handheld computers can also be used to access lectures, videos, museums, and other interactive educational resources.

e-books can also represent a significant cost saving for the district, which spends $300,000 for the average textbook adoption. Many e-textbooks are FREE.

Join these local businesses who already support the Sherwood Education Foundation. Visit our Donate page to find out how you can help.