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Thanks Sherwood for your Calling For Kids response

Thanks Sherwood for your Calling For Kids response

Thanks to the generosity of our community, the Sherwood Education Foundation completed another annual Calling for Kids fundraising campaign this past month. We do not have a total yet since donations are still coming

SEF Gives Out $38,600 in Teacher Grants

The Sherwood Education Foundation (SEF) is funding more than $38,000 in grants to Sherwood teachers for the 2014-2015 school year. We are incredibly grateful to Sherwood citizens and businesses who donated the money to

May 2014 Sherwood Gazette article: Run, Ride for Schools, 4/8/14

May 2014 Sherwood Gazette article: Run, Ride for Schools, 4/8/14

Run and Ride for Sherwood Schools With the beautiful weather and spring blossoms busting out all over, it’s time to get outside for a run or a bike ride. What’s even better than exercising in

April 2014 Sherwood Gazette article: Glass art Artist in Residence program, 3/13/14

Archer Glen Students Learn About Glass Art I wrote last month about the Sherwood Education Foundation’s Artist in Residence program, which brings enriching art experiences into Sherwood elementary and middle schools. Schools choose an artist

January 2014 Sherwood Gazette article: Support Calling for Kids, 12/9/13

Take the Call to Help Our Schools Next month, from February 4-6, the Sherwood Education Foundation will stage its annual “Calling for Kids” fundraising campaign, which fuels a large percentage of our giving to Sherwood

December 2013 Sherwood Gazette article: SHS engineering, 11/7/13

Sherwood High Generates Districtwide Interest in Engineering It seems that you can’t read an article about the state of national K-12 education or even the national economy without encountering the anxious concern that the US

November 2013 Sherwood Gazette article: Idea Lab, 10/7/13

Idea Lab a Place to Teach and Learn Differently This year, the Sherwood Education Foundation (SEF) is helping to fund an Idea Lab at Middleton Elementary. It’s an experimental, nontraditional classroom space that Middleton teachers

Back to School, Better Equipped

School is back in session this week. It’s an exciting time, one that both kids and parents look forward to. Thanks to grants from the Sherwood Education Foundation, Sherwood teachers will be better equipped

Kindergarten iPads: Differentiated Learning at Its Best

April 2013 Sherwood Gazette article: Kindergarden iPads, 3/8/13 Last month I wrote about Archer Glen fourth graders who are reinvigorating their love of reading with a classroom full of Kindles funded by the Sherwood Education

Kids Connect with Kindles

The Sherwood Education Foundation (SEF) funded a classroom full of Kindles (e-readers) for Maria Grant, a fourth grade teacher at Archer Glen Elementary, and the kids are crazy about them. Grant applied to SEF