Sherwood Education Foundation

Archer Glen new mural

Archer Glen created a new mural from the SEF Artist in Residence grant. The kids created tile pieces which were then combined together like a puzzle to create this visual mural. The kids learn

Artist in Residence projects

Artist in Residence projects

SEF supplements arts programs in Sherwood schools, through the Artist in residence and Loud and Clear programs. These programs bring outside artists into the Sherwood classromms to work on specific arts or performance projects. This

Hopkins Community Garden

SEF grants have helped to fund the Hopkin’s garden over the past two years. Go and visit it, they have done marvelous job with it, a great experience for the

Edy Ridge Mural

Here is the mural done at Edy Ridge by the students under the direction of the SEF funded Artist in Residence program. Its a beautiful piece of

Hopkins Gardens

As for the Hopkins gardens, their SEF AIR program this year, we were blown away. Gorgeous gardens and flower barrels the kids and their artists put together. When you have a moment, pull into

SEF Brings Michael Allen Harrison to Schools

Hopkins Elementary and Archer Glen Elementary recently hosted renown pianist and composer Michael Allen Harrison to work with students on songwriting. SEF sponsored the workshops as part of its Artist in Residence program, which