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SEF Support for Sherwood PACs

By Orion Anderson

While students are looking forward to long summer days and being finished with their studies, another group in the schools are gearing up for their toughest job of the year: recruiting. PACs (sometimes known as PTACs) across the district are struggling to find new board members and volunteers to ensure that next school year will be as successful as 2016/17.  Educating parents about what a PAC is and why it is vital to the success of a school is the key to involving new volunteers.

A PAC is a group of volunteers, led by a handful of board members that organize fundraising and school wide events outside the classrooms. Sherwood students look forward to the fundraisers because they have become key traditions in each school. Kids are proud of the money they bring in for their school, but also build great memories at each event. Building a haunted house with their friends, dancing their way around the track to their favorite songs, and cruising in a limo with the other top earners are just of a few of the moments that kids will remember as highlights of their time in Sherwood schools.

The money raised by these events pay for field trips, provide classroom funds for necessary supplies, and are used to host school events that bring families together and strengthen our community. PACS pay for school carnivals, movie nights, and bingo nights. The kids love spending time at the schools outside of classroom hours, and they love inviting their family and friends to their school for an evening of fun. Events like these are a great time to mingle with other families and to let your student know that you care about what happens at their school.

Volunteering with a PAC comes with a lot of rewards. It’s a great way to stay up to date on what is happening in the school. There are a lot of opportunities to connect and establish relationships with staff members as well as get to know your kiddo’s school friends. And there is nothing in the world like that warm feeling you get when your student beams with pride at the work they are watching you do in their school.

Planning and executing all of these experiences takes a lot of time and work. The more members and volunteers a PAC has, the less work falls on each individual. PAC members are always changing, as new parents enter the district and veteran parents have students that move on to middle school, high school, or graduation. Several Sherwood PACS are in urgent need of new board members. If you have any interest in helping out, now is the time to reach out to your school PAC and get involved.


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