Sherwood Education Foundation

Please support the Sherwood Schools Bond Measure


The Sherwood School district will be presenting a bond measure before voters this November. The Sherwood Education Foundation has endorsed the bond, and encourages a YES vote. We believe this bond is the best way to keep our schools strong and maintain their position as a strong asset to our community. For more information goto: or visit their facebook page here. You can also donate to the bond campaign from either page or by clicking here.
The goals of the bond are:
  • Prevent over crowding in our schools by expanding capacity at HS, MS and elementary levels with minimal onsite building disruptions.
  • Address deferred maintenance needs at existing schools: roofing, plumbing, heating and ventiation and seismic upgrades
  • Expand safety measures in all schools including building entrance, lockdown, monitoring and communication systems.
  • Fund technology upgrades which will keep Sherwood a leader in adoption of learning technologies
  • Fund curriculum and replacement of outdated curriculum. Doing this with bond money will free up general revenue dollars for other education needs.

The bond campaign needs volunteers to drum up support in Sherwood to pass the november bond measure!

Here are their important bond volunteer dates:

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