Sherwood Education Foundation

SEF awards over $32,000 in Teacher Grants


Thank you Sherwood for your generosity and support of our schools, teachers and students. With the money we were able to raise this year through our calling for kids event and donor out-reach efforts, we were able to award over $32,000 in grants in 2016! Below is a list of the grants we were able to support:

5th Grade Biztown field trip
Classroom Technology for Today’s Learners
Oregon Trail Overnight Adventure at Trestle Glen Camp in Boring, OR
World Drumming-Rhythms from Around the World
Enhancing Reading Intervention with Technology
Science Hotplates for Next Generation Science Standards
French Horn for Middle and High school
Choir Literature for Middle school
Marching Band Drumline & Guard Coaches
Adjustable Desk Tops: Creating an Activity
Permissive Learning Environment
School Based Mindfulness Project
Social Studies Alive! Hands-on Education Enrichment
LEGO Robotics Revival

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