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SEF Enews 2014-12 – Volunteers needed for SEF Calling for Kids Campaign

Volunteers needed for SEF Calling for Kids Campaign

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On February 3-5, the Sherwood Education Foundation will stage its annual “Calling for Kids” fundraising campaign, which provides much of the money that the Foundation donates to Sherwood Schools each year. We need volunteer callers to make this campaign a success. The calls are made at the Sherwood School District office from 6-8pm in one or two hour shifts. This is our big volunteer request for the year, please click the link above to volunteer or email me if you have any questions.

We’re a lean-and-mean nonprofit with a working board that passes nearly every cent raised to our teachers and students. Your contributions make a direct, palpable impact in Sherwood classrooms.

And what kind of impact are you making? Elementary art education. High school engineering and vocational technologies. Middle school writing programs. Band equipment. Lab equipment. And more. Visit our website at to learn more about all that we’re doing in Sherwood schools.

So when you get a call or letter from us, please give what you can. Every little bit helps us help our schools be great.

Becoming an SEF Business Partner

SEF is the official philanthropic arm of the Sherwood School District. Our purpose is to provide a means for families and businesses to financially support the goals of the Sherwood School District; to increase educational opportunity and academic performance by encouraging excellence, innovation and creativity in our educational programs. We are seeking business partners to support these goals with us. 
It is important to us to publicly recognize and thank our business partners and help give them exposure to the community. We do this through our monthly Sherwood Gazette column, our website (rotating banner), facebook page and this newsletter.
If you own a local business or have contacts with one, please ask them to donate to SEF. Donate by visiting   or mailing a check to SEF, PO box 1514, Sherwood OR 97140. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us by email at, .

Artist in Residence and Loud and Clear are on the way

Each year SEF sponsors the Artist in Residence program at all our elementary and middle schools and the Loud and Clear program at the middle schools.
Our teachers have designed programs where local artists come into the schools and lead special projects involving the arts. Our kids will participate in various projects including: performance, mural creation, fused glass work, dance, community gardening, story writing, etc. These programs allow our kids to develop their creative talents and experience an expanded range of artistic expression.

Tonkin Run for Schools

The Tonkin Run for Schools is not until June 7th but it is already our second biggest fund raiser after Calling for Kids. We are working with the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce and the Tonkin Run to create promotional posters that show the business cards of all our local business sponsors.
Business that would like to sponsor the event and appear on the poster are asked to donate $100 to SEF. Click here for the signup form, and please contact us at for more information.

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