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April 2014 Sherwood Gazette article: Glass art Artist in Residence program, 3/13/14

AIR 2014 AG fused glass-smArcher Glen Students Learn About Glass Art

I wrote last month about the Sherwood Education Foundation’s Artist in Residence program, which brings enriching art experiences into Sherwood elementary and middle schools. Schools choose an artist that works with students for one to two weeks to expose them to a new art form.

This month I want to shine a spotlight on Archer Glen’s SEF Artist in Residence program, because it’s underway as I write. Archer Glen hired fused glass artist Lisa Wilcke to teach students about glass art. She is teaching students about different types of glass, how to work safely with glass, how to create designs from basic patterns and shapes, how to cut glass, and how to create a piece of glass art. Students are creating suncatchers and jewelry.

The kids (and teachers) are having a great time. It’s helped them see that there are many more avenues for art beyond drawing and painting. Kim Ellsworth, Instructional Coach at Archer Glen and coordinator of the SEF Artist in Residence program there, says that this program is a valuable way to enhance student art exposure.

“This program brings real artists into our schools and lets students see how they work, and how they can create art, too,” Ellsworth says. “Through the Sherwood Education Foundation program, we’ve been able to expose students to singers, songwriters, painters, and other artists and let our students dabble in those art forms to see where they may have a natural talent. At the very least, it gives students an appreciation for the work that goes into creating art.”

Other schools’ Artist in Residency programs will be unfolding this spring. Stay tuned!

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Photo: Archer Glen first graders

Caption: (L to R) Noah Hendrickson, Charlotte Vargas, Tate Ogle, Ella Wright, first graders at Archer Glen Elementary, proudly display fused glass necklaces they made in the Artist in Residence program sponsored by the Sherwood Education Foundation.

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