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January 2014 Sherwood Gazette article: Support Calling for Kids, 12/9/13

Take the Call to Help Our Schools

Next month, from February 4-6, the Sherwood Education Foundation will stage its annual “Calling for Kids” fundraising campaign, which fuels a large percentage of our giving to Sherwood Schools throughout the year. Take the call, and give what you can.

Every year during the first week of February, dozens of volunteers man phones at the district office to call every school family in the Sherwood School District—thousands of phone calls in all. Many of our teachers and even high school students pitch in and help with the effort.

Each year, we raise roughly $10,000 from “Calling for Kids”—a significant chunk of our annual giving budget. This money pays for programs such as high-tech engineering equipment at the high school and iPads in elementary school classrooms, needed to keep our district’s educational programs current and cutting-edge. But it also pays for more mundane things such as choir literature and P.E. equipment.

We are blessed with smart, hard-working, and innovative teachers in our district, who often cannot proceed with new teaching ideas due to lack of funds. The Sherwood Education Foundation is doing its best to keep innovation and teaching excellence flowing through our classrooms.

Middleton Elementary is using an SEF grant this year to build a “classroom of the future,” a nontraditional classroom space where students and teachers can experiment with new ways of teaching and learning. Both middle schools are able to continue licensing a critical software program that helps eight graders with reading and writing, thanks to SEF. And all fifth graders in the district got to continue their annual visits to JA BizTown (a day-long immersion in the world of work) thanks to SEF.

Every little bit helps! If every family gave only $10 for each child they have in district schools, or even $10 per household, we could raise tens of thousands of dollars that would enrich the experience that kids have in Sherwood classrooms.

So when we call your home, take the call, and give what you can. If you don’t have a child in Sherwood schools, you can make a donation online at

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