Sherwood Education Foundation

Back to School, Better Equipped

School is back in session this week. It’s an exciting time, one that both kids and parents look forward to. Thanks to grants from the Sherwood Education Foundation, Sherwood teachers will be better equipped to give students exceptional learning experiences. Just look:

  • Heidi Patterson and Miranda Johnson will have more iPads to help Archer Glen kindergartners learn basic reading and arithmetic skills.
  • Amy Moore will have new iPads to help improve English language proficiency at Hopkins.
  • Both middle schools have be able to continue using Achieve 3000, an online program that is critical in helping students develop sound reading and writing skills.
  • Lori Beymer will have the funding she needs to put on “My Oregon Report,” a musical play that  teaches Archer Glen fourth graders about Oregon history.
  • All Sherwood fifth graders will have the opportunity to attend Junior Achievement BizTown, a day-long community simulation that teaches students the principles of local and global commerce.

And the list goes on. In all, the Foundation made more than $22,000 worth of teacher grants for the 2013-2014 school year. We also support art programs in the elementary and middle schools.

Teachers have come to depend on SEF grants as a way to fund both innovative ideas and classroom necessities that simply cannot be covered by shrinking school budgets. We’re a nonprofit organization run by an all-volunteer board that exists to enrich the quality of education in the Sherwood School District. We raise money from individuals and businesses in the community and return it to the district through individual teacher grants and districtwide programs.

When your kids come home excited about the robot they’re building in engineering class, the iPad they’ve used to help with their reading, or the day spent at BizTown, thank the Sherwood Education Foundation. We are operating behind the scenes in all Sherwood schools to make teaching and learning better. Learn more about us and make a contribution today by visiting

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