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Ride for Schools, June 29th

Earn Money for Our Schools by Riding Your Bike! June 29th

It’s always great when you hear a good “what can one person do?” story. You know, the ones about gallant individuals who decide that they are going to do something to make a dent in world hunger or end child soldiering or help oppressed girls in underdeveloped countries. They start an orphanage or local program or some other small effort that turns into something big and really does have an impact.

Well, one of those stories is playing out right here in Oregon. Mild-mannered Beaverton business owner and avid cyclist Steve Lechleiter was disheartened by the state of school funding in Oregon. So he decided to do something about it. Lechleiter, who doesn’t even have kids in public schools, organized a bike ride fundraiser for Washington County schools, called Ride for Schools, which will be held Saturday June 29. Every rider designates a local education foundation that they want to support, and 100 percent of their fundraising monies go to that foundation.

The Sherwood Education Foundation is a Ride for Schools recipient, so we want as many riders as possible to ride for Sherwood! Register at

There will be 25- and 40-mile routes, both leaving from Aloha High School and winding through the beautiful western hills, including the outskirts of Sherwood. You can get a complete description of the rides—and register—on the event website.

The Sherwood School District faces budget cuts of up to $2 million in the next budget cycle because of continued state economic doldrums. Our schools continue to need help from local sources to supplement sagging state funding.

When you give to the Sherwood Education Foundation—and ride your bike in Ride for Schools—you are essentially starring in your own “what can one person do?” story. You may not be able to control the Oregon State Legislature or the national economy, but you can do something tangible and effectual by making a donation close to home that will make a difference in your local schools.

When you give to the Sherwood Education Foundation, you fund art education (almost always slashed during budget cuts), iPads to help kindergartners read, social studies learning software, high school vocational technology, and much more. Take a look at everything we do by visiting

And while you’re online, visit Ride for Schools at and register to ride for Sherwood Schools on June 29. Enjoy gorgeous Oregon scenery, get healthy, and save the world, all at the same time!

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