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February 2013 Sherwood Gazette article: Calling for Kids, 1/3/13

It’s Time for “Calling for Kids”

All tapped out from Christmas giving? Had it with end-of-year charitable appeals?

Please, for the sake of our schools, take one more call. On February 5-7, the Sherwood Education Foundation will stage its annual “Calling for Kids” fundraising campaign, which provides much of the money that the Foundation donates to Sherwood Schools each year. Take the call, and give what you can. Or, if we miss you, watch for our followup letter in the mail.

The tough economy continues to diminish the taxes that fuel school budgets. Our district officials have worked budgetary wonders to ensure smooth functioning of Sherwood schools in the face of continued cuts.

But even the dedication and skill of our district staff cannot make up for the fact that state revenues, and school budgets, continue to shrink. If we want our schools to remain great, and our children to enjoy the best educational opportunities, we parents, grandparents, and community members have to dig deep to bridge the gap.

It doesn’t have to hurt! If every family gave only $10 for each child they have in district schools, or even $10 per household, we could raise tens of thousands of dollars that would enrich the experience that kids have in Sherwood classrooms. If you can give more, the impact will be that much greater.

We’re a lean-and-mean nonprofit with a working board that passes nearly every cent raised to our teachers and students. Your contributions make a direct, palpable impact in Sherwood classrooms.

And what kind of impact are you making? Elementary art education. High school engineering and vocational technologies. Middle school writing programs. Band equipment. Lab equipment. And more. Visit our website at to learn more about all that we’re doing in Sherwood schools.

So when you get a call or letter from us this month, give what you can. Every little bit helps us help our schools be great.

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