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Sherwood Education Foundation: We’re Everywhere

(originally published in the September 2012 Sherwood Gazette)

Another school year is upon us—new clothes, backpacks, teachers, friends. But our kids are streaming back through the doors of schools that continue to face deep budget challenges. Due to the stagnant economy, our district had to pare $1.3 million from its budget for this school year and faces even deeper cuts next year.
The good news? The Sherwood Education Foundation (SEF) continues to raise money to plug budgetary holes and provide students with exceptional learning experiences.


The evidence of SEF funding is all over the district—but you have to look for it, because we fund such a broad mix of activities. Consider:


  • If your child is lucky enough to have Maria Grant for a teacher at Archer Glen Elementary, they’ll be reading from Kindles provided by SEF.
  • If your child is in the Laurel Ridge Middle School band drumline or colorguard, they’ll be receiving coaching funded by SEF.
  • Have a student who sings in middle school or high school choirs? New choir music courtesy SEF.
  • If you have a child in grades K-8, they will have art experiences thanks the Foundation’s Artist in Residence program.
  • If you a fourth or sixth grader, they’ll be getting public speaking training through our Loud and Clear program.


The list goes on. SEF-funded projects are everywhere in the district, and we’re trying to do a better job of publicizing them to make you aware of all the places your donations are at work.


While we do not raise the kind of money needed to staunch teaching position cuts, we are injecting about $70,000 into our school district each year through our Artist in Residence program, Loud & Clear public speaking program, and dozens of teacher grants. Our teachers and students benefit from our work every single school day.


So when you attend your kids’ back-to-school nights this month, look around the classrooms for signs of Sherwood Education Foundation giving. (We hope to literally have signs up in the classrooms by then, announcing what we’ve funded.)


More importantly, when we call or mail you for donations, dig deep. It’s expensive providing a great education, especially in this economic climate. We all want to keep our schools competitive during the recession and after. It’s up to us to make the difference.

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