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Sherwood Education Foundation: Meet Our Board

(originally published in the October 2012 Sherwood Gazette)

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole community of volunteers to support a school district. The Sherwood School District is blessed to have many parents and community members who volunteer tirelessly on our school board, PAC boards, fun runs, sporting events, fundraising events, in the classroom, and beyond.


The Sherwood Education Foundation is no exception. Our 14-year-old nonprofit, which exists to support educational excellence in Sherwood Schools, is run by an all-volunteer board of community members, business leaders, and educators. We just added four new board members, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce you to our entire board:


Leann Bennett is a principal broker for Metro West Realty and parent of two Sherwood Schools students and one college student.

Nancy Carl is office manager for CE Lewis & Associates and parent of two Sherwood Schools students.

Lana Cole is Youth Director for the Sherwood United Methodist Church and parent to two students in Sherwood Schools.

Laurel E. Cookman is a Reverend, former business owner, mother of a Sherwood educator, and grandparent to five Sherwood students.

Heather Cordie is Sherwood School District Superintendent and parent of two children, one at Sherwood High.

Mark Christie served on the Sherwood School Board for 15 years and is father of four Sherwood graduates.

Laurel Downing is a full-time mom, active school volunteer, and parent of two Sherwood students.

Jane Glasser is a technology writer and parent of two Sherwood High graduates.

Brian Grant is a CPA and Director at AKT LLP, a financial advisory firm, and parent of three children, two in Sherwood schools.

Scott Haynes is account manager at Empire Batteries and a 2004 Sherwood High graduate.

Sue Hekker is a Sherwood School District Board Member, account manager at Procter & Gamble, and parent to three Sherwood students.

Mike Hiland is a software engineer at Providence health plans, and father of four Sherwood Schools children (two of whom have graduated).

Becky Hornberger is sales assistant at Oregon Wealth Management, a local investment brokerage, and parent of two Sherwood High graduates.

Dan Jamison is Vice President of the Chalkboard Project and former Sherwood School District Superintendent.

Leslie Pihl is a personal transition services representative for SuiteAmerica and parent of two Sherwood students.

Kristie Spurling is a production manager at Hungry Raccoon, a graphic and web design firm, former PAC President of Edy Ridge, and parent of two Sherwood Schools students.

Jon Wollmuth is principal of Archer Glenn Elementary School.


We are fortunate to have such an outstanding group of smart, thoughtful, hard-working community members who care so much about our schools. If you see any of these people at the supermarket or in the neighborhood, give them a big thank-you for all their hard work.


We are always looking for new board members! If you are interested in being part of the only organization in town that is raising money for multiple programs in all of Sherwood’s schools, call me at (503) 628-1827 to learn more. Or, visit our website at

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