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SEF Gives Out Nearly $25,000 in Teacher Grants in 2012

(originally published in the June 2012 Sherwood Gazette)

Drum roll, please. The Sherwood Education Foundation just handed out nearly $25,000 worth of grants to Sherwood teachers. Needless to say, we are very pleased and oh so grateful to Sherwood citizens who donated the money to make these grants possible.


Every year for the past 14 years, SEF has given out between $10,000 and $40,000 worth of grants to individual teachers, who submit proposals for ideas they want to pursue in their classrooms but lack the funding to do so. These requests are only going up as district-level purse strings tighten amidst continuing budget cuts.


This year we received 19 teacher grant requests totaling more than $48,000. We were thrilled to be able to fill 14 of these requests. The winners:


  • Margaret Schoenheit at Sherwood Middle School (SMS) will be able to purchase supplementary materials to make history more fascinating for sixth graders.
  • Maria Grant at Archer Glen will purchase a classroom full of Kindles to acquaint students with a wider range of books in an engaging format.
  • Brant Stai, band director at Laurel Ridge Middle School (LRMS), can hire drumline and colorguard coaches to help his band prepare for their march in the Junior Rose Festival Parade.
  • Sixth grade teachers at both SMS and LRMS can purchase needed science supplies.
  • Lisa Kleditz, district speech pathologist, can continue to offer a hearing safety unit in all four elementary schools.
  • Dani Aldinger can purchase new choir music for both middle schools.
  • Kathy Shuckerow can purchase new choir music for Sherwood High School (SHS).
  • John Niebergall can teach his SHS engineering students embedded systems design.
  • Frank Petrik, band director at SHS, is purchasing music workstations to help students practice, record, and audition their music.
  • Raychell Rohrwasser, SHS art teacher, can buy a centrifuge to teach SHS jewelry and metals students lost-wax casting.
  • Jon Dickover and John Niebergall can purchase a controller card for the CNC router used in their SHS woodworking and engineering classes.
  • We helped Katie Locke, Miranda Johnson, and Heidi Patterson purchase iPads to help Archer Glen kindergarten students with math and reading.
  • Sherwood fifth grade teachers will be able to continue sending kids to Junior Achievement BizTown, a valuable program that helps kids understand how business works.
  • Heidi Holdorf can buy two iPods Touches to help her Middleton fifth graders with literacy exercises.


We may not be able to help close the million-dollar budget gap that the district faces, but the Sherwood Education Foundation is indeed making a difference in Sherwood classrooms.

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