Sherwood Education Foundation

SEF Funds iPod Shuffle Reading Program

Sherwood Education Foundation funded an iPod Shuffle reading program that both helps and encourages kids to read.
Sheila Knapp, Technology Teacher at Hopkins and Archer Glen Elementary Schools, received a grant from the Sherwood Education Foundation to purchase ten Apple iPod Shuffles for the Hopkins library.

Students check out a library book and an iPod Shuffle containing an audio version of the book. When they listen to the audio book, they can follow along in the print book. This helps struggling readers hear the pacing, inflection, and expression of written text.

“It is really fun and easy to use,” says Paige Austin, a third-grader at Hopkins. “If you get a fifth-grade book on the iPod Shuffle, you will know the words.”

“The Shuffles are always checked out,” Knapp says. “There’s a waiting list for them all the time. I wish we had ten more.”


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